Cayman AOC

Aviation Solutions provides a global perspective and the local knowledge to smooth your company’s transition to, and ongoing operations under, a Cayman AOC.

We provide practical solutions to meeting regulatory requirements of the AN(OT)O and OTARs while working closely with you to ensure you meet or exceed these requirements with the minimum effect on your current procedures.

By understanding your current operations we will assist in managing your AOC application advising if changes or improvements will need to be made and so avoiding costly delays in the process completion.

Once your Air Operator Certificate has been issued we offer experienced local representation to facilitate a cost effective scaling up of your commercial operation without the high upfront cost of locally based, technically knowledgeable staff.

For current commercial operators transitioning to a Cayman AOC we offer;

➢Review of current aviation manuals/procedures/training and assistance with meeting OTARs requirements.

➢Arranging local legal, banking and accounting services as required and will then work closely with these providers to ensure you receive the best service possible.

➢Provisioning and set up of your office space in the
CEC (Cayman Enterprise City).

➢Ongoing local representation and managerial presence to fulfill the requirements of Principle Place of Business so avoiding the financial and operational cost of permanently relocating essential staff to Cayman.

For private aircraft management companies transitioning to commercial operations under a Cayman AOC we offer, in addition to the above;

➢Creation of operations manuals

➢Guidance on initial & recurrent pilot training syllabus

➢and/or when required a full time aviation professional with the required technical knowledge to create and manage your commercial safety and training process.